The Prevalence of Depression Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Reading Time: 3 Minutes Depression is a common complication that occurs after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Studies show that approximately 50% of individuals with a traumatic brain injury will experience depression in the first year, and nearly two-thirds of individuals with a traumatic brain injury will experience depression within seven years after the injury. Depression is a long-term […]

The Dangerous Link Between Remote Work and Isolation

Reading Time: 3 Minutes Switching to Zoom forever may be convenient but can it lead to loneliness? Since COVID-19, millions of people have adapted from working in an office to working at home, and now this “work from home” trend has become the norm, even if some people are starting to flock back into office life. For businesses, having […]

What Happens When You Mention ”Suicide” in Therapy

Reading Time: 4 Minutes It is okay to say the word “suicide,” even to your therapist. You are not alone if you are having thoughts about suicide or have had suicidal thoughts in the past. The Center For Disease Controls’ provisional data for 2022 showed a record high of 49,369 suicide deaths, coming after modest declines in 2019 and […]

Client Story: Akua Native Healing Center

Reading Time: 3 Minutes A Journey of Healing and Rediscovery: From Darkness to Spiritual Fulfillment at Akua Far from the serene landscape of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate reservation, one Akua Native Healing Center client found herself at a crossroads. As her life unfolded on the West Coast, hundreds of miles away from her roots, a new journey began. I […]

The Mental Health Effects of Doom-scrolling

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Suppose you have spent several minutes or hours scrolling through the Internet (including social media), reading about disheartening news stories, looking at photos of your ex-partner, and reading hundreds of comments or retweets about a controversial topic from someone you don’t know. In that case, you are engaging in “doom scrolling.” Doom scrolling is a […]

Should You Tell Your Boss About Your Mental Health Condition?

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Living with a mental health condition can be challenging on many levels, and one of the greatest challenges is dealing with the stigma often tied to the diagnosis. Nearly one billion individuals live with a mental health disorder, including 47 million Americans. Still, we often avoid discussing our mental health in professional settings, thus allowing […]

The Science Behind Relapse

Reading Time: 3 Minutes Despite the best efforts of clinicians, patients with addiction problems will sometimes relapse after successfully undergoing treatment.  Physicians can support such patients in their recovery efforts following relapse by developing a strong therapeutic alliance with them and by better understanding the mechanisms of relapse.   Understanding relapse  The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines relapse […]

Navigating Trauma Together

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Navigating Trauma Together: Supporting Your Partner’s Healing Journey and Establishing Healthy Boundaries  Trauma comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes, from emotional trauma in childhood and physical trauma from a gruesome accident to trauma from intimate partner violence and intergenerational trauma. If your partner has experienced trauma, you most likely have noticed that they are […]

Is your teen at-risk of a mental health crisis?

Reading Time: 3 Minutes How to Talk to Your Teen About Mental Health  Being a parent is difficult; being a parent of a teenager can feel even harder at times. Dealing with the hormones, the mood swings, testing the limits of their independence, exploration or identity, and the reckless behaviors, all while trying to raise a respectable, kind teenager […]

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