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Alcohol Detox

This page discusses all you need to know about Alcohol Addiction and how we, at Akua, can help you. Click on a link for faster navigation:

AKUA and Heroin Addiction

AKUA and Alcohol Addiction

Seeking professional treatment for an alcohol use disorder (alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse) is the best way to stop drinking. Many individuals turn to alcohol (and other substances) as a coping strategy to deal with stress, negative feelings, boredom, and past traumas with no intention of becoming a heavy drinker. However, alcohol is very addictive. Over time, the individual will experience physical withdrawals after abstaining from chronic alcohol use. 

AKUA Mind & Body’s Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities initially aims to ease the withdrawal symptoms by close monitoring and prescribing a slow taper of benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines work on the same receptors as alcohol in the brain and can help prevent and worsen the deadly withdrawal effects associated with alcohol. If an individual is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, they will need to be closely monitored in a hospital or residential treatment for approximately 72 hours. Once the acute withdrawal phase is over, our highly trained clinicians aim to identify the underlying triggers resulting in the alcohol use behavior. 

The goal of treatment is to replace negative coping skills and patterns with positive cognitive behavioral skills. Alcohol treatment includes both a pharmacological approach and a psychotherapy approach. Medications are used to prevent cravings associated with alcohol, and to lessen or prevent withdrawal effects. 

Understanding Alcohol Detox

The first phase in addiction and substance abuse programs is medically controlled detoxification treatment. The process of detoxification involves removing substances that a person has been misusing from their body. Trying to do this on one’s own can be excruciating and even hazardous. Withdrawal from addictive substances can take five to seven days depending on the kind and extent of one’s consumption. Following the completion of the detoxification phase, the patient can proceed straight into residential recovery after completion of the detoxification phase including: 

Benefits of a heroin detox program at AKUA

The idea of having to go through the detoxification process is one of the most frightening aspects of obtaining treatment for chemical dependency. It can be very painful and challenging to alter one’s body to be without a substance once it has become accustomed to it. In fact, withdrawal symptoms can be so unpleasant that they are frequently the main cause of relapse for users. At AKUA we are happy to provide medically supervised detoxification programs to keep clients safe and as comfortable as possible while their bodies are getting rid of dangerous substances. 

It is critical that our patients and their families understand that stopping some medications can result in extremely dangerous side effects, such as seizures, strokes, and in rare circumstances, even death. It is highly recommended that you seek assistance from a licensed addiction treatment facility that offers detox from alcohol if you have been misusing drugs or drinking excessively for an extended period. It is crucial to take this initial step in a secure setting while being under the care of detox-trained medical personnel.

What to expect with Detox

When detox is administered at the beginning of alcohol addiction treatment, there are numerous benefits. When someone stops drinking beer, wine, or spirits, they may experience withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings that lead them to revert to alcohol misuse. Relapse is less common for those undergoing detox since they have access to the therapies, support, and supervision required to safely go through the withdrawal process. Patients are seen by a range of professional staff members who will help to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the detoxification process to observe vital signs and withdrawal symptoms to ensure they are comfortable. 

Every staff member at AKUA works closely with clients to ensure that a comprehensive treatment plan is created based on their individual needs. This allows clients to resume full programming participation when the detoxification process is complete.

The Importance of Alcohol Detox

The advantages of undergoing detoxification at a recognized treatment facility are as follows:

For several decades, men and women have been assisted by AKUA, in conquering their alcohol addiction. A happier, sober life can be realized at this center thanks to its creative programming, committed personnel, and beautiful surroundings that are very restorative. 

With our exceptional residential treatment programs and detoxification services, we are sure we can help you or a loved one escape the clutches of alcoholism. Give us a call now to find out more about these services, the approaches we take to treat chemical dependency issues, and our expedited admissions procedure. Your fresh start is here.

Detoxification programs are offered at the following AKUA locations:

Our dedication to providing individualized care in an environment of decency and respect is at the core of the AKUA concept, and the care we offer during the detoxification process adheres to this standard.  

Please get in touch with us right now if you have any questions concerning the detox procedure or how the services provided at AKUA might help you or a loved one.

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AKUA Detoxification Program

AKUA Detoxification Program

Alcohol detoxification is the first step in safely treating an individual with a substance use disorder.  

Individuals who have been using substances often experience uncomfortable and at times potentially lethal withdrawal symptoms that require detoxification at a facility before they can be fully integrated into a long-term alcohol residential rehabilitation treatment program.

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AKUA Detox Treatment Program Modalities

Everyone’s detox needs are different; therefore, AKUA’s integrative alcohol detox treatment programs are designed to meet our client’s unique needs and help them achieve their sobriety goals. 

During this treatment process, our clients are carefully supervised 24/7 by trained clinical and medical staff. 

We combine medication, a healthy diet, music therapy, meditation, and more to ease the uncomfortable symptoms of alcohol withdrawals.  

Treatment for substance use usually begins with detoxification services, the length of stay is evaluated based on substances and length of use as well as your general state of health.  The goal of our alcohol detox rehab program is to rid the body of the abused substance so the withdrawal process can be treated successfully. 

Opioids, benzodiazepines, and alcohol are known to have severe withdrawal side effects, and therefore medications are given to relieve any unwanted side effects and prevent any further harm. As Detox services only address the physical side of addiction, it is strongly encouraged that your physiological dependence is addressed through continued treatment services. 

Akua strives to create a safe space so clients can be closely monitored and supported through the withdrawal process. Our Physicians oversee all steps of the detox process to ensure comfort and safety while our team of capable nurses and clinical staff ensure that an individual has timely medication, a healthy diet, music therapy, meditation, yoga, and much more to ensure withdrawal symptoms the client experiences are as comfortable as possible.

AKUA uses the following medications to treat alcohol disorder:

AKUA’s Psychotherapy approaches for alcohol use treatment include:

AKUA East Meets West Treatment Program:

AKUA Mind and Body is a full-service treatment program that offers a wide range of “east meets west” treatment modalities for many different populations struggling with Alcohol substance use and mental health disorders. We offer both intensive inpatient programs as well as outpatient treatment. AKUA Mind & Body works diligently with each client and their family to ensure that their treatment plan is specifically tailored to their needs, and not just their disorder.

AKUA DETOX 24/7 Monitoring

Akua strives to create a safe space so clients can be closely monitored and supported through the withdrawal process…

Why you should consider AKUA
for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

FAQ: Common Questions About Heroin Addiction

Akua Behavioral Health offers addiction treatment programs in a residential, community-based setting. Our clients stay in our home-like program, with 24-hour supervision to ensure their safety and comfort. Inpatient drug rehab gives clients the best chance at lasting recovery through highly-structured care for those struggling with drug, alcohol and/or their mental health.

Many clients stop experiencing withdrawal symptoms 3 to 7 days after starting our detox program. While the experience may vary due to various factors, Akua Behavioral Health is committed to providing our clients with safe and comfortable detox.

Akua Behavioral Health works with most major insurance plans to ensure quality addiction treatment is accessible for our clients.

 AKUA works closely with most HMO, EPO, and PPO insurance plans including AmeriHealth, HumanaUnited Healthcare, Allcare Health, Highmark, UPMC Health Plan, and is In-Network with Anthem Blue CrossAetnaCignaHealthNetBlue Cross/Blue ShieldMagellanMolinaHMC Health Works, TricareBeacon Health OptionsIKWO, Western Health Advantage, Prime, Multi PlanEHNComPsychFirst Health Network, USAMCO, Triwest, and more.

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