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Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment Programs- San Diego, Orange County and Sacramento

Akua Mind Body residential treatment facilities offer a safe, supportive, and welcoming haven for individuals struggling with substance use disorder. Our expert team provides personalized care and effective coping strategies to help you chart your path to a successful recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future.  Our unique programs combine time-tested Eastern techniques like yoga, and Native Healing Ceremonies (in Orange County) along with evidenced-based approach to medication management and treatment modalities.   


AKUA Specializes in Treatment for:

Akua Mind Body Treatment Program

Akua Mind Body is a full-service treatment program that offers a wide range of “east meets west” treatment modalities for many different populations struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. We offer both residential programs as well as outpatient treatment. AKUA works diligently with each client and their family to ensure that the treatment plan is specifically tailored to their needs, and not just their disorder.

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