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Mental Health, Alcohol Abuse & Drug Addiction Facility in San Diego

AKUA Mind and Body San Diego provide multiple levels of care for adult males and females who are struggling with a mental health disorder, a substance abuse disorder, or a co-occurring disorder. Our drug abuse treatment in San Diego offers various treatment modalities for mental health, addiction, and alcohol detox. Our expert clinical team works and cares for our clients and treats each individual client as if they were family. We believe whether you are being treated for a mental health disorder, drug addiction, or an alcohol use disorder, all treatment should be individually tailored to each client. We believe in treating the client and not just the condition.

The treatment team at AKUA Mind and Body San Diego offers a combination of clinical excellence and compassion while integrating evidence-based western medicine with eastern holistic approaches. We are one of the best drug rehab centers in San Diego, providing individual treatment plans to cater to each client’s unique needs to pave the road for a successful recovery. From detoxification and residential treatment to partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient therapy, AKUA offers state-of-the-art treatment for a wide variety of mental health and addiction disorders.

Alcohol detox treatment San Diego: seeking help for alcohol abuse and addiction 

Alcohol use disorder and substance abuse usually require professional intervention. Unfortunately, if you are abusing alcohol or drugs, you are most likely in denial. Family members and significant others are generally the first to notice when their loved one needs professional help. The following are indicative signs you should seek treatment for your alcohol or drug abuse:

  • Violent behavior
  • Poor work/school performance
  • Legal trouble
  • Blacking out
  • Withdrawing from alcohol or drugs
  • Strained/broken relationships
  • Unable to stop drinking or using
  • Drinking in the morning to curb the “shakiness.”
  • Using alcohol or drugs as a stress reliever
  • Hiding drinking or using habits from friends, coworkers, or family
  • Driving under the influence
  • Alcohol or drug cravings
  • Others expressed concern about our drinking or using habits

Seeking help: Alcohol abuse treatment in San Diego 

Seeking professional treatment at alcohol detox centers in San Diego for your alcohol use disorder is imperative. Quitting alcohol “cold turkey” can lead to withdrawal seizures and even death, and as a result, many alcohol treatment centers administer medications to help prevent these life-threatening withdrawal effects. Alcohol abuse treatment in San Diego offers a combination of psychotherapy approaches and medication-assisted therapy for individuals who are struggling with alcohol use disorder. Medication-assisted treatment at an outpatient alcohol detox in San Diego uses specific medications to ease withdrawal effects and curb alcohol crAlcohol Detox & Abuse Treatment Center in San Diegoavings for individuals to undergo detoxification in a safe and comfortable environment. Some of these medications can be used long-term, depending on the individual and the extent of their disorder. Long-acting benzodiazepines such as diazepam (Valium) and chlordiazepoxide (Librium) are used in the acute detoxification phase of alcohol addiction since benzodiazepines work on the same receptors in the brain as alcohol. Because benzodiazepines are extremely addictive, they are used solely for the acute withdrawal period, and then the individual is transitioned to longer-term medications.

Effective MAT for alcohol dependence has been shown with the following FDA-approved medications:

  • Naltrexone (ReVia, Depade) and Naltrexone for Extended-Release Injectable Suspension (VIVITROL): Naltrexone blocks the opioid receptors in the brain and therefore decreases opioid cravings and urges. Since it blocks the receptors, it prevents an individual from experiencing the euphoric high they use opioids. Individuals who abuse alcohol no longer receive a “reward” for drinking once they are on naltrexone.
  • Disulfiram (Antabuse): Disulfiram creates unpleasant, hangover-like effects when the individual drinks alcohol. This medication is commonly used to treat alcohol abuse disorder for those who are still craving alcohol. These unwanted hangover-like side effects include facial flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, weakness, and sweating and usually begin 10 minutes after alcohol enters the body and usually last for one hour.
  • Acamprosate Calcium (Campral): Acamprosate is known to reduce cravings associated with alcohol and can also decrease alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Psychotherapy to treat alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and mental health disorders

Psychotherapy encompasses multiple forms of therapy in different settings, including individual, group, and family settings. Outpatient alcohol detox in San Diego provides medications to help prevent withdrawals and provides long-term psychotherapy to help provide long-term recovery. Psychotherapy works to help individuals recognize and understand the underlying triggers associated with their alcohol use disorder, mental health disorder, or drug addiction. Additionally, psychotherapy works to help clients develop healthy coping skills to be successful in recovery. Additionally, treatment can help family members and loved ones learn how to support this recovery journey in the most positive and healthy way.

Mental health treatment in San Diego 


Mental health disorders range from mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder to anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, trauma disorders, and behavioral disorders. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders and range from generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder to specific phobias and social anxiety disorder. Mental health disorders are best treated with a combination of psychotherapy and medication management, depending on the specific disorder. Our mental health facility in San Diego offers comprehensive mental health treatment, including a vast array of psychotherapy approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, EMDR, family therapy, and more.

Therapeutic alliance for outpatient drug abuse treatment in San Diego

A therapeutic alliance is the relationship between the client and the treatment team and is the most critical aspect of success in recovery. Trust is the center of every relationship. If you trust someone, then it is likely your relationship will blossom. The same holds with trust in a therapeutic alliance. Forming a trusting and healthy relationship with the treatment team enables the client to open up about his/her addiction and any past traumatic events or current triggers that fuel the addiction. Without an open communication line and a trusting relationship, many clients will hold back out of fear of judgment, hindering the recovery process. The treatment team must also connect with the client personally, and not every therapist is the right fit for every client. As a result, this may be a trial and error process, and treatment centers that are aware of this and are open to forming a therapeutic alliance will have their clients’ best interests in mind.

Co-occurring disorders

The term co-occurring disorder refers to both a mental health condition and a substance abuse disorder and has replaced the outdated term dual diagnosis. 7.7 million adults have co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. One co-occurring disorder can trigger an additional disorder, and it may be hard to differentiate which disorder came first, but the timing of the disorder is not essential. It is necessary to treat all disorders simultaneously. Therefore, it is crucial to enter into outpatient drug abuse treatment in San Diego. Our treatment centers treat both mental health and substance use disorders. Even if you or your loved one seems to be struggling with depression, there may be an underlying co-occurring disorder that only a treatment specialist can diagnose. If one disorder is left undiagnosed or untreated, there is a higher likelihood of relapse.

Multidisciplinary treatment at an outpatient mental health facility in San Diego

Treating mental health, substance use, or alcohol use disorder takes a village. It is necessary to find a treatment center that employs a dedicated and talented team of treatment specialists who play an essential role in the treatment process. A multidisciplinary treatment team at AKUA Mind and Body San Diego usually consists of therapists, dieticians, intake counselors, insurance and finance specialists, nurses, alumni coordinators, and social workers. It is important to make sure that therapists are trained and licensed in different therapeutic approaches, including trauma therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and play therapy. This ensures that clients can be treated individually as each disorder presents in each individual differently.

Aftercare for mental health, drug abuse, and alcohol detox treatment

When individuals complete substance abuse treatment in San Diego, it is a massive milestone in their recovery; however, what happens after treatment is also essential. Aftercare refers to the “treatment plan” after an individual completes treatment and usually consists of outpatient therapy, support groups, and practicing healthy coping skills as a way to thrive in the real world. It is crucial to seek out programs with an individual dedicated to supporting and following up with clients after completing treatment. This type of aftercare program is usually referred to as alumni treatment.

Insurance coverage for mental health, addiction, and alcohol detox treatment 

The majority of private insurance plans cover most treatment regimens for mental health disorders. Many affordable generic medications can be used for treatment in place of more expensive brand names. Always check with your insurance provider to ensure that your insurance plan covers your psychotherapy and medications.

Things to consider when choosing drug addiction treatment in San Diego

Drug Addiction-Abuse-Rehab-Centers-in-San-Diego

Coming to terms that you are struggling with a substance use disorder can be difficult. You may experience feelings of shame, failure, and weakness; however, admitting you have a problem and recognizing that you need help is one of the most vital mindsets and actions you take. Most individuals struggling with addiction do not seek help for many reasons, primarily out of shame. Entering into substance abuse treatment in San Diego is the ultimate step to a brighter and healthier future, not just for you but also for your family. Searching around for addiction treatment centers, whether you seek out recommendations from friends or healthcare professionals or browsing the Internet can be overwhelming as there are so many addiction treatment centers to choose from, so how do you choose the best fit?

With many treatment centers across the country, it can be challenging to decipher which one is right for you. The following are a few other critical criteria when searching for a treatment program.

  • Gender-specific programs
  • Licensing and accreditation
  • Insurance and payment options
  • Adolescent versus adult treatment
  • Multiple levels of care
  • Relapse strategy

If you or a loved one is experiencing signs and symptoms associated with substance abuse or a mental health disorder, it is essential to seek professional treatment as soon as possible. The sooner treatment is administered, the less likely complications will arise, and the more likely the individual will be able to successfully navigate life without debilitating symptoms. The first step is recognizing the signs and symptoms, and the next step is contacting a reputable treatment center. By taking the initial step of searching for “mental health/drug rehab/alcohol detox treatment center near me,” you have created the pathway to enter into recovery for your addiction or mental health disorder.

AKUA Mind and Body San Diego focuses on treating addiction, and mental health disorders and any associated underlying triggers. We believe that addiction is a disease, and each individual is affected differently and, therefore, will need tailored individualized treatment. At AKUA Mind and Body, we believe that addiction treatment should be handled on a multifaceted level, and consequently, a typical opioid addiction treatment program will include detoxification, psychological care, medication management, behavioral assessments, and aftercare.

Our San Diego rehab facility for mental health, alcohol, and drug addiction treatment is located in a beautiful staff with a well-trained and multifaceted staff to cater to all of your needs. We believe in treating the individual and not just the disorder.

If you have any questions or want more information about our rehab and treatment programs at AKUA Mind Body, give us a call today.

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