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Joint Commission Accreditation for Addiction
and Mental Health Treatment

Accredited By The Joint Commission

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Why is it Important that Akua Mind Body Is
Accredited by The Joint Commission?

Akua Mind Body’s accreditation from The Joint Commission makes it clear to the community that you and your loved ones will receive the highest quality addiction and mental health treatment. Our addiction and mental health treatment programs are accredited by The Joint Commission because they meet the highest standards for quality healthcare.

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Founded in 1951, The Joint Commission is the nation’s oldest and largest healthcare accrediting body, ensuring quality and safety for you and your loved ones during treatment.
The Joint Commission certifies healthcare organizations and programs in the United States including hospitals, behavioral health, home healthcare, and laboratory and nursing care center services.
For Akua Mind Body to receive the Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission involves regular, unannounced audits of Akua’s facilities and treatment programs across California.
The visits are lead by trained experts at The Joint Commission who ensure that all treatment programs at Akua are delivered in a safe environment by qualified and competent staff, utilizing medical records and client interviews as a means to assess treatment quality.

Akua Mind Body meets The Joint Commission’s rigorous performance guidelines across all individual programs, including more than 1,300 standards, and consistently obtains high approval ratings.

The Joint Commission's
Gold Seal of Approval

The Joint Commission’s standards are developed in consultation with healthcare experts, providers and clients across the recovery community.

 They are informed by scientific research, best practices and expert consensus to help Akua Mind Body better measure, assess, and improve clinical programing to beneift our clients and their families. The surveyors also conduct onsite observations and interviews.
Because The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization, accreditation provides assurance for consumers—including clients, families, and professionals—that the quality and safety of treatment have been validated by a third-party organization, the recognized global leader for healthcare accreditation.
As a result, The Joint Commission’s accreditation is increasingly used as an indicator of quality by insurers, as a condition of payment approval, to qualify for contracts, or to achieve higher reimbursement in tiered systems.
Akua accreditation by The Joint Commission
Akua Mind Body voluntarily participates in the accreditation by The Joint Commission, setting us apart from other treatment programs by confirming the safety, efficacy, and excellence of our care.

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