Expedited Admission Process

Akua Behavioral Health offers 24/7 admission services.  Our compassionate admission counselors are ready to assist individuals in accessing services.  We have physicians along with masters and doctorate level clinicians to review every client prior to admitting ensuring that our services meet their individual needs.  Admission Clinicians provide recommendations for treatment level of care based on ASAM and LOCUS standards to place clients in the least restrictive level of care needed to stabilize, increase function and reach their treatment goals.   

Our goal is to assist in removing any barriers to accessing services including transportation, personal and financial issues. We are in network with most insurance companies and work closely with clients to assist making treatment financially feasible.  If our services are not the correct fit for an individual, we work on referring to an appropriate facility at no cost to the individual.  

 Akua understands that treatment is often needed when someone is in crisis and minutes matter, we strive to have a determination for admission within a few short hours from the initial inquiry and work closely with clients on answering questions and addressing concerns prior to admission. 

Our Simple 2-Step Admission Process

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AKUA Mind & Body Treatment Program

At AKUA Mind & Body, we develop individualistic recovery programs which cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our treatment methods combine time tested Eastern techniques with scientific Western practices to develop a holistic treatment approach. We combine medication along with healthy diet, individual as well as group therapy sessions, and relaxation with music therapy, mediation and yoga.

Located in the Los Angeles & Orange County Region, Sacramento Region and San Diego Region, AKUA Mind & Body is much more than just another rehabilitation facility. It is a place where you can receive the Highest Quality Care under the careful watch of clinicians and. At AKUA, we aim to provide complete and lasting recovery for our clients.

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