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Many codependent individuals do not recognize their behaviors until other individuals point them out or until they seek professional help. Codependency, like addiction, is a disease – an unhealthy state of being.

Treatment is often necessary for individuals to realize their codependent patterns and to develop healthy coping skills. Akua Mind Body is here to help! We provide effective treatment at our primary mental health facilities to effectively manage and recover from being codependent.

Signs & Symptoms of Codependent Personality Disorder:


Akua Mind Body Treatment Program

Akua Mind Body utilizes a blend of holistic approaches combined with evidence-based treatment and medication assistance to help individuals affected by codependence disorder. This treatment approach allows clients to recognize their underlying triggers and provides guidance to develop healthy coping skills.

Addiction & Codependency

Many individuals struggling with a substance use disorder are codependent on a family member or loved one’s enabling behaviors. These “enabling” patterns (such as rescuing a partner, bailing them out, making and accepting excuses for their behavior, and constantly trying to fix problems) are used to ease relationship tension caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

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