Aftercare Alumni Program

We understand that recovery doesn’t end when formal treatment does.  After discharge, clients become part of the Akua Family through our Alumni Program. We offer weekly meetings, ongoing peer support, and healthy fun activities every month as a way to support sustained recovery. We offer a free exclusive app to assist with 24/7 post treatment support.

Benefits of our Aftercare Alumni Program

Ongoing Relapse Prevention Support

Each client leaves Akua Behavioral Health with a customized post-treatment plan, laying out essential relapse prevention skills that are needed to ensure ongoing success with day-to-day stressors. Once individuals re-enter living and work environments, they discover additional issues that could threaten their ongoing recovery. Our alumni coordinators provide mentorship and peer support as well as community resources to assist our graduates succeed in their desired life goals and apply the skills learned in treatment to everyday life.

Weekly Alumni Meetings

Alumni actively participate and attend our Weekly Alumni Meetings where we celebrate each client’s milestone, encourage peer support, plan social events and retreats. These weekly meetings also give our Alumni an opportunity to mentor clients presently in treatment with us. Our Alumni assist in leading discussion, share their journey of recovery, and offer support to others in recovery. Our weekly meetings serve as ongoing, indefinite process that help our clients maintain function and recovery after finishing treatment with us. Our Alumni coordinators meet with clients while engaged in services and make frequent phone calls/texts and provide in person support to ensure the best chance at long term recovery.

Social Events

Apart from the above weekly meetings, our alumni gather weekly for BBQ's, bowling, hiking and other fun activities to keep their mind and body fit and healthy! These activities are free to our valued alumni.

AKUA Alumni Exclusive App

Our exclusive AKUA Alumni App allow our alumni to stay in touch 24/7, access recovery related content, share successes and gain support whenever needed. The App is a great way for our clients to utilize the knowledge and lessons they learn while in treatment with us. The App further helps our alumni community stay connected with each other and with their respective coordinators as well as a platform to check on meeting and event times and locations.

Lifetime Peer Support To Continue To Maintain Recovery and Stability

AKUA Mind & Body Treatment Program

AKUA Behavioral Health is a full-service treatment program that offers a wide range of “east meets west” treatment modalities for many different populations struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. We offer both residential programs as well as outpatient treatment. AKUA works diligently with each client and their family to ensure that the treatment plan is specifically tailored to their needs, and not just their disorder.

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