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Heroin Addiction Treatment

This page discusses all you need to know about Heroin Addiction and how we, at Akua, can help you. Click on a link for faster navigation:

AKUA and Heroin Addiction

AKUA and Heroin Addiction

AKUA helps individuals struggling with heroin addiction build a strong foundation for achieving lasting recovery. AKUA is the leading provider of holistic behavioral health treatment for heroin addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges.

We tailor individual heroin addiction and mental health treatment plans to each client’s unique needs, paving the road to a successful recovery.

Heroin is widely recognized for its highly addictive nature. When people use heroin, they experience extreme exhilaration, pleasure, and disassociation from reality. They often use the substance longer because they experience these good feelings, which raises the possibility of becoming addicted.

An individual’s entire life may suffer if obtaining, using, and recovering from heroin usage take precedence over all other considerations. An individual’s likelihood of developing a tolerance to heroin and eventually developing chemical dependency increases with the length of time that this substance is abused.

Without treatment, it can be very difficult to overcome this dependency and addiction.

Learn About Heroin Addiction Treatment At AKUA

AKUA is the leading provider of holistic behavioral health treatment for heroin addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges. We tailor individual heroin addiction and mental health treatment plans to each client’s unique needs, paving the road to a successful recovery. 

Heroin is an exceptionally potent and highly addictive substance that can cause severe harm to those who misuse it. Heroin is an opioid; when overused, it first produces a strong rush of sig, as well as a drop in blood pressure and breathing.

Overcoming Heroin Addiction is hard. Akua’s support can help your recovery easier.

The risk of overdosing increases when addiction, also known as heroin, use disorder, sets in quickly and is followed by a demand for ever-larger or more intense dosages. Within a few hours of trying to quit using heroin, a person with heroin use disorder is likely to encounter a number of upsetting physical and psychological symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms like these might make it nearly hard for an individual to kick a heroin habit without receiving efficient care from a trustworthy addiction treatment facility. 

Learn About Addiction Treatment At AKUA

We at AKUA’s heroin rehabilitation facilities are aware of the terrible consequences that can result from heroin addiction. We also understand how extremely challenging it can be to overcome this addiction once it has taken hold.

We have therefore developed specialist programming with the intention of assisting in the cessation of this agonizing addiction.

At AKUA, we are dedicated to making sure that genuine rehabilitation from heroin addiction is within a person’s reach rather than passing judgment on individuals who are struggling with a heroin use problem. 

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How to Help a Loved One Addicted to Heroin

When heroin addiction is present in a person’s life, it has an effect on not just the person but also everyone around them. You are aware of this personally if you have a friend or loved one who is struggling with a heroin addiction. It’s possible that you’re extremely worried about your loved one’s welfare and that you’re in a desperate search for solutions. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to support your loved one, such as the following: 

Learn about the warning signs, symptoms, and consequences of heroin use disorder. In order to prepare yourself in case a loved one overdoses on heroin; you need also become knowledgeable about the symptoms of an overdose. 

When your loved one’s heroin usage is causing so much harm to their life, it can be challenging to comprehend why they do not just stop using it. It makes sense that this could make you feel irritated or even angry. It is advantageous to understand the illness of addiction as a result. By doing this, you will be able to see why your loved one is unable to just stop acting in a certain way. 

Even though it can be tempting, resist the urge to discard any heroin that you discover in your loved one’s possession. Although doing so might seem like an easy way to help, it will probably just make your loved one feel angry and less able to trust you. Moreover, it is most probable that he or she will simply look for additional medicine.

Addiction Treatment-For-Loved-Onces-Akua

Way on How to Help your Loved One

1. Look into therapeutic approaches and rehab facilities that have a track record of success in assisting people in overcoming heroin addiction. Make a list of potential therapies that your loved one might benefit from. 

2. Have a direct and sincere discussion with your significant other. Share your worries with them, and then hear their opinions without passing judgment. Give him or her the results of your research on potential treatment options, and motivate them to look for qualified medical attention. 

3. Offer to assist your loved one in locating a suitable treatment facility in any manner you can. Try all within your power to ease any difficulties if there are barriers preventing your loved one from taking part in treatment. 

4. Be a constant source of love, support, and encouragement for your loved one as they navigate the road to recovery once they have started treatment. 

Remember that your loved one is battling a crippling, degenerative illness at all times. Addiction is not a reflection of weakness in character or a lack of resolve. Your loved one will encounter obstacles, annoyances, and perhaps even relapses as their rehabilitation advances. Your knowledgeable and engaged presence can have a long-lasting beneficial impact.

Why Consider AKUA Heroin Addiction Rehabilitation

For those who have developed a heroin addiction, life is hazardous and excruciating. Continuing to consume heroin threatens daily risk to one’s life. For instance, a person who abuses heroin for an extended period of time should expect to live for only 15 to 20 years after starting to use, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Of course, there are other detrimental effects of heroin addiction besides death.

Prolonged heroin addiction can change the physical makeup of the brain, leading to lasting cognitive deficits. Long-term heroin consumption has been linked to a number of physical issues, including immune system deterioration, muscle weakness, sexual dysfunction, irregular menstruation, and more.

Those who do not receive appropriate treatment for heroin use disorder from a recognized addiction rehab clinic may also experience difficulties at work and in school, with a markedly higher chance of failure, job loss, and unemployment. This is because heroin weakens the bodies and minds of those who use the drug. The following are other detrimental effects of heroin addiction: homelessness, social isolation, arrest and jail, and financial ruin.

Types of Heroin Addiction Treatment Offered at AKUA

AKUA heroin treatment center is committed to providing individuals grappling with addictions with comprehensive and compassionate care to facilitate their successful recovery. The center’s expert staff endeavors to assist those under their care in finding the necessary hope, motivation, and encouragement to achieve a life free from substance abuse. 

Programs within AKUA include Detox, Residential Rehabilitation, Outpatient programs (OP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Dual Occurring, Substance Use Disorder Treatment, First Responders Treatment Track, AKUA Native Healing, Aftercare Alumni Program, AKUA LGBTQIA+ Pride and Ketamine Therapy.

Types of Heroin Addiction Treatment

The therapy provided at the AKUA rehabilitation center is unparalleled since it is administered by a team of dedicated specialists who have committed their careers to assisting patients in overcoming substance misuse and addiction. In this context, it is evident that each staff member exhibits not only a strong enthusiasm for their respective roles but also dedicates their utmost effort towards facilitating the recovery of individuals. The display of authentic care and concern is evident from the initial arrival of a potential guest. Individualized treatment plans are established with the objective of facilitating the attainment of healing for each individual in a manner that is most advantageous to their specific needs and circumstances. The provision of care is based around the individual, with a focus on addressing their distinct needs and concerns, as they commence their journey towards recuperation. 

During a guest’s time at AKUA, the following therapeutic interventions may be incorporated into his or her overall plan of care:

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Medication management:

In cases where an individual is experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder alongside their heroin addiction, they have the opportunity to schedule frequent appointments with a psychiatrist to ensure the provision of suitable pharmacological interventions. The treatment team members and other staff members will be present to oversee the administration of medications, thereby maintaining the guest’s safety throughout the process. Moreover, in the event that modifications are required for an individual’s medication regimen while staying at AKUA, the psychiatrist is available to provide assistance in order to ensure that the medications being administered are most effective.

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Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a highly valuable intervention for persons who are striving to overcome their heroin addiction. The sessions comprise individual encounters wherein a guest engages in one-on-one interactions with their designated primary counselor. The meetings take place every two weeks and offer participants a secure and private setting to engage in discussions about their problems, navigate through difficulties, and acknowledge achievements. 

Group icon

Group therapy:

Group therapy is a crucial intervention that plays a significant role in facilitating the success of individuals in their recovery journey and supporting their ability to sustain sobriety over an extended period. Individuals grappling with heroin addiction may experience a sense of social isolation. They often lack awareness of the fact that their issues with heroin misuse are not unique to them alone. By participating in group therapy sessions at AKUA, clients have the opportunity to receive and provide support to those who have personal experience with the unpredictable dynamics of addiction.

Family Icon

Family therapy:

The staff at AKUA is aware that a person’s heroin misuse problem affects their friends and family as well as themselves. It is for this reason that family therapy sessions are part of AKUA programming. Guests and their loved ones can learn about addiction, process how having an addiction has affected their lives, and work on mending any strain that the addiction may have caused within the family dynamic during these sessions, which are facilitated by AKUA‘s counseling staff. In addition, visitors are free to ask for individual family therapy sessions.

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In cases of heroin dependence, individuals who attempt to cease or substantially decrease their heroin consumption without professional support may experience the emergence of distressing and potentially hazardous symptoms. At various sites within AKUA, individuals who have been unable to eliminate heroin from their bodies can undergo medically supervised detoxification before commencing a residential rehabilitation program. The detoxification process at AKUA provides a secure environment with continuous monitoring by competent medical staff, who are capable of reducing a significant portion of the distressing withdrawal symptoms. Upon the completion of detoxification, which typically spans a duration of three to seven days, the individual can smoothly transition into residential rehabilitation without interruption.

Akua Addiction Treatment

As a guest’s stay at AKUA comes to an end, our committed staff members work to put forth a lot of effort to make sure that a comprehensive discharge plan is established so that the guest has the ongoing support necessary to continue making progress toward recovery.  

When guests participate in AKUA heroin misuse treatment, they are integrated into an expanded familial network. Every guest is provided with the appropriate level of honor, respect, and dignity commensurate with their inherent worth, while simultaneously being granted access to crucial interventions aimed at promoting long-term sobriety. The staff at AKUA offers personalized care to address the distinct needs of each individual. This care encompasses education, physical nurturing, and structured discipline. By providing these elements, AKUA aims to support individuals in their journey to overcome heroin addiction and achieve a future characterized by happiness, health, and freedom from substance abuse. 

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AKUA Heroin Detox Programs

Benefits of a heroin detox program at AKUA

Everyone’s heroin detox needs are different; therefore, Akua’s integrative drug detox treatment and mental health programs are designed to meet our client’s unique needs and help them achieve their sobriety goals. During this heroin detox process, our clients are carefully supervised 24/7 by trained clinical and medical staff …

Understanding Heroin Addiction

Understanding Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an illegal opioid that is considered a Schedule I drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). It has strong addiction potential and causes severe, detrimental side effects …

AKUA DETOX 24/7 Monitoring

AKUA DETOX 247 Monitoring

Akua strives to create a safe space so clients can be closely monitored and supported through the withdrawal process …

Why you should consider AKUA
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FAQ: Common Questions About Heroin Addiction

Akua Mind Body offers addiction treatment programs in a residential, community-based setting. Our clients stay in our home-like program, with 24-hour supervision to ensure their safety and comfort. Inpatient drug rehab gives clients the best chance at lasting recovery through highly-structured care for those struggling with drug, alcohol and/or their mental health.

Many clients stop experiencing withdrawal symptoms 3 to 7 days after starting our detox program. While the experience may vary due to various factors, Akua Mind Body is committed to providing our clients with safe and comfortable detox.

Akua Mind Body works with most major insurance plans to ensure quality addiction treatment is accessible for our clients.

 AKUA works closely with most HMO, EPO, and PPO insurance plans including AmeriHealth, HumanaUnited Healthcare, Allcare Health, Highmark, UPMC Health Plan, and is In-Network with Anthem Blue CrossAetnaCignaHealthNetBlue Cross/Blue ShieldMagellanMolinaHMC Health Works, TricareBeacon Health OptionsIKWO, Western Health Advantage, Prime, Multi PlanEHNComPsychFirst Health Network, USAMCO, Triwest, and more.

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