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Benefits Of Traveling Out-Of-State To Go To Rehab- 2024

Should You Travel to Another State for Recovery Treatment?

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Benefits Of Traveling Out-Of-State To Go To Rehab: Out-of-state treatment can be very effective.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, choosing the right rehab can seem daunting. From the insurance and financial aspects to choosing how much time and which level of care is best for you, the decision to choose a rehab is a major one so it may seem convenient and easy to stay close to home. However, the decision to choose a rehab close to home or out of state can be an important decision that many people forget to take into account.  

For some, staying close to home for your recovery treatment is preferred, so you can be closer to your loved ones and more familiar with your surroundings, however traveling out-of-state may be the best option for many and should be an important deciding factor in choosing your rehab facility. It is not uncommon for people to seek treatment outside of their home state. If you’re considering a treatment facility for yourself or a loved one, there are many advantages of attending rehab away from home.

Distance from triggers:

Traveling out of state for rehab can be a fresh start. The distance from home can separate you from situations and people that could hinder recovery. Triggers come in all shapes and sizes and anything that brings back thoughts, feelings, and memories of your addiction is considered a trigger. These can be certain people, places, or experiences so distancing yourself physically from where you were active in your addiction can help eliminate these triggers. By going somewhere new, you are giving yourself a fresh start in a safe environment that’s free of the distractions that may have initially caused your addictive behavior.  

If you decide to stay close to home, you set yourself up to fall back into your old behaviors. For example, you know where to find your substance of choice, you know who to call if you feel like drinking or using, and you know who will bail you out of trouble when you suffer the consequences of your actions. If you are in treatment out of state, triggering people are less likely to visit you and contact you as it is important to eliminate visits from non-supportive friends, family, and acquaintances.

Potential for higher quality treatment:

Drug rehab treatment centers range widely in terms of the quality of care they offer and services. Some treatment centers offer treatment for co-occurring disorders and a wide variety of a continuum of levels of care whereas others may only offer detoxification treatment for certain drugs and alcohol. Some may accept insurance while others do not, some may specialize in teen and child services whereas others may only specialize in adult services. Looking at treatment centers that are also out-of-state broadens your options for the specific care that you need, rather than limiting your options to close to home.

Benefits Of Traveling Out-Of-State To Go To Rehab

More privacy:

One of the biggest hurdles to deciding to go to rehab is having to deal with stigma from other people when you enter treatment. Many well-known public figures such as politicians and celebrities attempt to keep their rehab treatment private by going out-of-state and you should also have this option. You should be focused on your recovery and not wondering what people are thinking or saying about you, as this can lead to anxiety that may hinder your recovery efforts. Even though you have nothing to be ashamed of, it is completely understandable if you want your personal life to remain private. Going out of town for rehab provides a level of autonomy that’s simply not attainable in a local addiction treatment program.

More focus on yourself:

Going out-of-state for rehab means that you will have less distractions and therefore more time to focus inwards on yourself. You will be able to reflect on past decisions and actions and be present in the moment with your current treatment regimen. Recovering from a substance use disorder takes an enormous amount of effort and energy, and all of your focus should be directed inwards. You might experience a certain level of emotional fatigue as a result of uncovering truths and making tough decisions, so it is important to not overexert yourself with other distractions.

It’s harder to leave if you are further from home:

Being in recovery is challenging and sometimes you may feel like you want to leave, want to be back with your friends, or have the urge to use again. If you are far from home, acting on these desires and urges is more challenging as you do not have help from other people and are unfamiliar with your surroundings. It may be a lot more effort to get back home if you are out of state. This physical distance is an important barrier between you and the temptation to use substances.

Travel encourages self-reflection:

Although going out of state for addiction treatment may not be a form of leisure travel in a sort of “Eat Pray Love” situation, it still is travel. All forms of travel bring new learning experiences. You are out of your comfort zone, you are meeting different types of people, you are learning about new places and new cultures and this allows you to be more in time with your present self. Being out of your comfort zone in early recovery is important as you can learn to overcome struggles with feeling uncomfortable. These feelings can parallel living a new life in sobriety as the transition to sobriety will also bring very new learning experiences and force you out of your comfort zone when you return home.

Consider traveling to Akua Mind Body in California

AKUA Behavioral Health is a full-service addiction treatment center that treats substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders and believes in a fluid and individualized approach to treatment. Our staff tailors the treatment plan to each individual and their needs and invites clients from both in-state and out-of-state. We work with many different private insurance carriers as AKUA Behavioral Health is in network with many insurance plans, including those that are out-of-state. If you live out-of-state, our staff can help walk you through the logistics of traveling to one of our treatment centers and potentially assist you with transportation. If you live outside of California and are considering treatment for your substance use or mental health disorder, we would be honored to help you.


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