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Mentally preparing for the holidays can be tough for anyone but it is exceptionally difficult for those struggling with a substance or mental health disorder. Most individuals have a hard enough time dealing with various family dynamics, stressors from work and finances. Now compile that with a substance or mental health disorder and you have the makings of a disaster waiting to happen at Grandma’s house on Christmas.

While the end of the year usually signals a time of reflection what tends to happen historically is a client will avoid seeking help during the holidays and will cling to the notion of “I’ll just wait until after the New Year. Unfortunately, what we have seen is that the new year will often come and go for many people without any changes being made. The fear of failure, shame, and self-doubt that you can change tend to creep in especially when being confronted by even well-meaning family members during the holidays.

This is precisely why setting the foundation now through programs like Akua Strong will not only benefit you now but will help you set yourself up for a new year with hope and promise. Our team will work with you to navigate through difficult family systems, help you with coping skills and reducing the negative emotions and remorse you may have. We are here to not just help you as an individual but to support your family allowing for a much more pleasant holiday season. Akua offers programs that you can begin immediately.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) 

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Akua Strong is geared towards clients who have successfully completed inpatient programs and want to take the next steps within their recovery. PHP continues to support clients by providing a structured, goal-oriented treatment. Akua Strong PHP is tailored to meet the need for those struggling with co-occurring disorders.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Akua Strong’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is used to address substance use and mental health disorders by creating an individualized treatment experience tailored to meet the needs of clients. This enables our clients to continue with their day-to-day lives, being active parent, attending day or evening courses, virtual/ teletherapy or simply needing support from peers. Akua Strong IOP assists by supporting those to achieve everlasting recovery.

Aftercare Alumni Program

The Akua Strong Alumni Program establishes a social support network of recovering people and provides structure to help sustain emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing following treatment. The Alumni Programs’ mission is to extend the AKUA Behavioral Health program beyond treatment by creating events and providing resources to strengthen the sense of connection that is essential to long-term recovery.

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