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Akua is a Proud Sponsor of Run to Feed the Hungry: A Sacramento Tradition

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Register and Learn More: https://www.runtofeedthehungry.com/

Akua is a proud sponsor of Run to Feed the Hungry.  This family-friendly event raises funds and awareness about hunger in our community!

About Akua is Community

Akua Staff regularly supports and volunteers with local nonprofits and organizations through our Akua Is Community Initiative.  We believe giving back is an important part of the recovery process and are continually seeking opportunities to give back to the community! Here are a few pictures from pictures of our team volunteering with the Sacramento Food Bank!

About Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

SFBFS is a local, privately funded, nonprofit organization serving families in need since 1976. A staff of 90 and a corps of over 11,000 volunteers accomplish SFBFS’ mission of assisting those in need by alleviating their immediate pain and problems and by moving them toward self-sufficiency and financial independence. 250,000 men, women, and children receive SFBFS’ services each month. More information is available at www.sacramentofoodbank.org.

Take a look at a few of the images from the Run to Feed the Hungry Event

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