How to handle upcoming holidays

How to handle the upcoming holidays?

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Going home for the holidays always sounds nice in theory. The Hallmark Channel has hundreds of shows dedicated to holiday homecomings every year. However, life does not always resemble those movies. In fact, for those in recovery, it can be a painful event. This may also be the first time you or the family will be seeing your loved one after they’ve completed treatment, so we understand that the feelings of excitement, fear, and curiosity are swirling inside of you in the form of a million questions just waiting to pour out when you see them. As we all know, in this difficult situation that it’s not going to be easy for everybody. The best advice I could give is to keep it simple and enjoy the little time you do have with your family. Enjoy the small things of being all together in one room because that’s what we want the most when we’re going through these times – to be with family.

To be honest, they are just as afraid as you are and the only thing we can do as family members is to welcome them with open arms. Keep in mind that you may need to prepare your other guests in avoiding asking questions like “so how long will do you think you’ll be sober this time?” or “are you really doing this?”. Again, keep it simple. There is a time and a place to discuss everything and family gatherings during the holidays are not the time nor the place. If you feel like you are still struggling and need support yourself, Akua does have our Ohana Virtual Family Support Group every Tuesday with the next one coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 30 from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm. The Zoom link is Remember, we are here, and we can help.

Happy Holidays from our Akua Family to yours.

Dr. Sarah
Executive Vice President
Akua Mind & Body

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