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What Your Cubicle Says About You

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What Your Cubicle Says About You

Your office desk or cubicle is an incredibly personal space in your professional setting. You spend a lot of time there, so it makes sense that your office space is an extension of your personality. Whether messy, organized, empty, with photographs of your kids or dogs or covered in plants, your office cubicle or desk says a lot about an employee’s personality. In addition, many coworkers judge each other based on their cubicles.

57% of office workers admit they have judged coworkers by their workspace, and 50% have been” appalled” by the state of a colleague’s desk.

The cluttered cubicle

Individuals with messy, unorganized cubicles with papers displayed everywhere tend to be more extroverted, creative, and people-centered. They tend to welcome coworkers and are very hard workers. Having everything laid out in front of them helps them accomplish tasks throughout their workday. However, having open drawers or file cabinets and papers falling out of overstuffed folders give off an air of being “disorganized and not very detail-oriented.” Additionally, the “cluttered cubicle” individuals could spend more time looking for things and organizing their area, which throws them off task and can result in lower productivity.

The minimalist cubicle

A minimalist cubicle may have only a mousepad and a notepad, but a tidy space can make employees appear more productive and competent. This neat, sparse space can help employees perform better because they are not wasting time looking for necessary items. Individuals with a minimalist cubicle may like to be in control, are disciplined, follow the rules, are less creative and outside-the-box thinkers compared to their “cluttered cubicle” colleagues, and are highly conscious about appearance, and what others think about them.

The personalized cubicle

Family photos, birthday cards, photos of pets, and sweet personalized items are signs that this person values their relationships deeply. Family photos can be a sign of motivation for that person. These individuals are more likely to share openly about their lives and engage in conversation about family, pets, and loved ones. These personalized items can be a great way to spark a conversation with a coworker you may want to learn more about.

The playful cubicle

Rubix cubes, video games, movie posters, music album covers, and artwork show that this coworker values their hobbies and passions outside of work and is not afraid to show them off. These are signs of an enthusiastic individual about their hobbies, which translates into being passionate about their work projects. Similar to the “personalized cubicle,” the “playful cubicle” can be easy to talk to if you bring up hobbies or interests displayed on their desk.

The motivational cubicle

Awards, diplomas, motivational quotes, and inspirational sayings are all signs that this work colleague is proud of their accomplishments and is a “go-getter.” This cubicle can signal that this individual is competitive, a high-achiever, and values their career. With too many of these awards or motivational accomplishments, they may come off as egotistical.

What this means for you

If your cubicle can help you relax, give you happy vibes and make you efficient at your job, then your cubicle or workspace serves its purpose. It is essential to express yourself through this place so rather than worry about appearing organized or giving the impression that you are a minimalist, the relaxed and “cluttered” worker can be themself. With fewer concerns on your mind and a visually appealing and functional workspace, you can focus on your job. Fresh flowers, a plant, a photograph of someone you love, a meaningful quote or saying, and office supplies may be the most appropriate way to have the best of both worlds; your own personal touch that complies with the office and corporate world.

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