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3 Things That Differentiate A Successful Treatment Program

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1. Full Continuum of Care – Detox, Residential & Intensive Outpatient.

2. Gender-Specific Treatments – Remove distractions to focus on recovery & address issues related to gender.

3. JCAHO – Highest accreditation in healthcare – You or your loved one are safe at AKUA


We take each client safely through all three levels of care with an individualized treatment plan. By doing so, it creates continuity of care, and promotes trust between clients and the staff working with them. This allows clients to transition seamlessly between each level of their recovery.


Gender-specific treatment is an important component of recovery because it removes unnecessary distractions. Men and women fall into drug and alcohol abuse through different means. We are able to address the underlying traumatic issues that may not be discussed in the mixed-gender sessions.

Akua has the highest accreditation in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and healthcare providers who receive this accreditation have proved that they provide the highest level of clinical excellence to their clients.

Akua’s staff is dedicated to the recovery of each client, and we know that these components will lead to a successful journey toward living free again!

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