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Your Insurance May Cover 100% For Addiction, Substance Use Disorder & Mental Health Treatment

Your insurance could support you or your loved one seeking to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. Most insurance plans cover mental health and addiction programs at nearby treatment services. While insurance policies have different options for Detox, Inpatient and Outpatient rehab, they also cover mental health services to help on your path to recovery. Depending on your insurance plan, your inpatient and outpatient rehab coverage may vary. Let us help you get the most of your coverage.

Insurance coverage varies with each plan, recovery services may include:

    • Drug rehabilitation 
    • Alcohol rehabilitation 
    • Detoxification 
    • Counseling & group therapy
    • Mental Health Treatment 
mental health

Do Treatment Centers Need To Be In-Network?

Usually, but not always, care from out-of-network providers will increase your out-of-pocket expenses.  

Some plans will cover portions of out-of-network services after a deductible or coinsurance has been met while others may not cover any such services. 

Pre-certification may be required for out-of-network treatment options. Your insurance will review the request directly. 

For cases requiring pre-certification, your insurance provider will determine the services covered on the plan. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to discuss treatment options available to you. 

Insurance Policy Coverage For Substance Abuse

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How Can I Pay Costs Not Covered By Insurance?

You have options! It’s important not to let the costs of treatment deter you from getting the help you need. Many alternative methods are available to help with addiction treatment expenses. 

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