Taking Care of Your Mental Health this Holiday Season

Reading Time: 2 Minutes Feeling stressed, lonely, or sad around the holidays? Change your routine! KEY POINTS Identify your triggers. Give yourself permission to feel your emotions. Limit or take a break from social media. Practice self-compassion this holiday season. For many, the holidays can bring about feelings of depression, anxiety, envy, and even dread and despair, rather than joy and merriment. […]

The Importance of Volunteering in Addiction Recovery

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Volunteering in addiction recovery is the opposite of an active drug and alcohol addiction. Volunteer work is a selfless act, whether it is time spent at homeless shelters, raising money for your favorite charity, or spending your free time tutoring underprivileged children. Many believe that substance abuse is selfish, as many individuals engage in substance […]

Set a Sober Routine for the Holidays

Reading Time: 3 Minutes I’m Not Drinking This Holiday Season. Why Can’t We Just Say It? It can be pretty unsettling to think about declining alcohol in an environment conducive to alcohol. Alcohol flows freely during the holidays, whether at holiday parties, around the dinner table, or during meal preparation. Many questions arise during the holidays and make us […]

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